6-Part Shaving System

By Bombay Shaving Company

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Rs. 2,995.00

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Discover a whole new world of shaving.
The Bombay Shaving Company introduces your 6-Part Shaving System, including a precision crafted safety razor and a carefully designed regimen that promises a delightful one-stroke shave. All regularly delivered to your doorstep.
You can get up to 3 letters engraved on the razor for which a Smytten representative will call and ask you.

What are the 6-parts included in this System?
- 1 Precision Safety Razor: Engineered to precision, this single blade safety razor is a highly precise shaving tool and provides a fabulous shave when used with the right technique. Generous weight and smooth chrome finish gives it effortless and unparalleled glide.
- 20 Feather Stainless Blades: Regarded as the sharpest blades in existence by shaving purists, these platinum coated stainless steel blades cut the hair on contact so you do not need to make more than one stroke. Made in Japan
- Pre-Shave Scrub: This black sand scrub with enriching Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera extracts exfoliates and soothes the skin releasing trapped hair to give you a bump proof shave.
- Shaving Cream: Creates a rich, creamy lather that lubricates your face to maximize razor glide.
- Shaving Brush: Crafted from synthetic fibre bristles, this brush is whisper soft on your skin, and holds enough water to create a rich shaving lather, which lifts your whiskers for the smoothes shave possible.
- Post-Shave Balm: Soothes and repairs the skin by hydrating and restoring essential oils that remove sources of irritation and burning. Alcohol Free.

About The Brand

A start-up founded by four friends with a vision to build the most joyous products and authentic brand in men's personal care, starting with shaving.

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