Anti-cellulite Massage oil

By Ma Earth Botanicals

Rs. 860.00
Rs. 1,075.00

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This Anti-cellulite Massage oil eliminates the unsightly fat deposits. The essential oils incorporated in this blend are absorbed by the skin, and help breakdown the fatty deposits and increase stagnant blood flow.

Key ingredients

Juniper, Lemon, Grapefruit & Sesame oil.

How to use

Massage this oil on the affected areas regularly to see results. After massaging, relax to allow the body to shift the waste and fat deposits.

About Ma Earth Botanicals

Ma Earth Botanicals has transformed skin and hair care with its pristine, chemical-free products, which are sourced from the pure heart of nature. Formulated exclusively from the extracts of organically-grown plant and vegetables, each product by Ma Earth Botanicals nourishes your being the way nature does. Free from all artificial fragrances and preservatives, this is Mother Earth's love at its unadulterated, elemental best reviving the cosmos within you.

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