Assorted Organic Soaps

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This combo is an assortment of the finest organic soaps from Bon Organics. It includesThis combo is an assortment of the finest organic soaps from Bon Organics. It includes the following soaps:-

- African Black Mud (100g): This unique soap of ours blessed with Black mud has deep penetrating & mild scrubbing properties while leaving the skin soft & supple with its fascinating ability to absorb moisture from the air.

- Vetiver (100g): BON’s Vetiver soap is an Earthly experience. Its ability to speed up the disappearance of dark spots on the skin is a miracle of its own.

- Facial (100g): It is made with an excellent recipe for facial needs and protects the skin from the harmful rays of sunlight & the many forms of pollution.

- Bamboo Charcoal (100g): This unique soap is a rich and luxurious bar of organic Bamboo Charcoal. Also called the BLACK DIAMOND as it is considered the best of the best among the many healers of the skin body, and soul.


About Bio Organic and Natural

Inspired by nature's secrets riddled in its valuable botanicals, they deliver an authentic organic experience exclusively. They use the wonders of aromatherapy to render tranquillity and good health to the body, mind, and soul. Their team strives to consistently create, offer, and convey an incomparable lifestyle through a range of body, bath, home, and accessorial products exclusively organic and handcrafted. Yes, this is not just a range of personal care products on the shelf, but a conscious way of living, an archaic way of life for everyone.

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