Black Boho Gift Hamper

By Bonhomia

Rs. 15,000.00
Rs. 16,500.00

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This festive season just isn't complete without that cup of coffee. Delight the coffee lover in your life with this classic coffee gift hamper!

Inside a beautiful gift hamper, recipient will discover an impressive collection placed beautifully on an elegant black tray:-
- Bonhoma BOHO Brewer (Black)
- Bonhomia Wipp-It Induction Milk-Frother
- Set of 2 Espresso Cups
- Coffee Blends
          - 10 Dark Deeds Capsules
          - 10 Artisan Hazelnut Capsules

How to use

Follow the following steps to get the perfect cup out of you’re the Bonhomia Bewer:

Step 1: Fill the water in Jar. The machine has a removable water jar for a convenient refill.

Step 2: Insert the Capsule. Choose Espresso/Lungo shot for exactly how much coffee you need to have. Choose your favourite Tea or Coffee from their collection of capsules.

Step 3: Press the Button.

Step 4: Press the Espresso/Lungo shot button. Wait few seconds for aromatic and rich espresso to pour in your cup. Enjoy your Beverage.

Step 5: Eject the used capsule by re-opening the cover. Now your used coffee capsule will automatically be dropped into a removable jar behind the drip tray that can hold 12 capsules at once. The jar can be easily removed and washed from the front.

About Bonhomia

Marrying rich heritage and advanced technology, we package our gourmet blends in Bonhomia single-serve capsules that have been developed after years of research to ensure that the rich aroma and flavors of coffee and fine teas are well preserved and brewed to perfection. Bonhomia capsules are compatible with the internationally acclaimed Nespresso style machines. We, at Bonhomia, are distilling ancient traditions of flavour in our single-serve capsules. Technology meets refinement for consistent taste, texture and flavour.

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