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Subtle or dramatic, bold or demure – FreshLook offers you a vibrant paint box of shades to play with. Now lens up and refresh your eyes with a gorgeous blast of a new worthy-of-a-kingfisher blue. Equipped with FreshLook’s 3 in 1 technology that combines three colors into one to blend naturally with your eye color, the lenses are also thin, breathable and super-comfy to wear. So comfy, you’ll forget you’re even wearing lenses through the day. But their impact? Unforgettable.

About the Brand

You can trust your eyes with FreshLook --the world’s favorite coloured contact lenses. After all, they come to you from a very reliable place – the house of Alcon, the eye-care division of global Pharmaceuticals giant Novartis. Its spectrum of cosmetic coloured lenses are designed to transform your look, but with natural, purifying subtlety. Change your eyes the way the sea shifts under weather. Because limits fade with FreshLook.