Darjeeling Green Tea Combo

By Woods & Petals

Rs. 598.00

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The Darjeeling Green Tea Combo includes Darjeeling Green tea with Ginger and Darjeeling green tea with jasmine flower, each with 10 Tea Bags.

Green tea blended with dried ginger has anti oxidant properties that prevents nausea, muscle pain and soreness. It alleviates headache, gives relief from chronic indigestion, prevents cancer and lowers blood cholestrol levels.

Green tea blended with jasmine flower has a captivating aroma which instills a sense of calm. It is known to reduce risk of heart attacks and helps in developing stonger immune system thus, preventing diabetes and also cancer.

How to use

- Boil water in a pot.
- Add one tea spoon of the blend into the pot and turn off the gas. Approx quantity is one tea spoon per cup.
- Let it brew for 4 minutes or till it reaches it desired strength.
- Pour tea into a cup and enjoy.
- Should be taken without cream or milk.
- Add sugar or honey as per taste.

About the Brand

Woods and Petals bring to you traditional skin nourishing products from natures abundance- in easy to use bottled form. Their products are Vegan; they do not believe in cruelty to animals hence none of the products are tested on them. Also, they are making sincere efforts to save the environment, by avoiding chemically treated products.

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