Epine Mortelle

By In the Know

Rs. 17,400.00

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The opening of Epine Mortelle is all dark spiciness, black, pink and Sichuan pepper that seem to hum at a low but consistent intensity, giving the impression of deep darkness with hidden complexities just out of sight.

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Black pepper, Sechuan pepper, Cumin.
Heart notes: Nutmeg, Anise, Angelica.
Base notes: Violet, Damascene Rose, Centifolia May Rose, Mimosa, Blackcurrant, Musk, Vanilla.

About LM Parfums

Born in the heart of the French Alps to an Italian family, Laurent Mozzone brings his origins to the creation of perfumes. His Haute Parfumerie LM Parfums is an ode to the art of fragrance. Audacious, original and harmonious, his signature scents play with the heart of paradox. Simple but inimitable, the limited edition perfumes are sparkling, clear and glowing with complexity. Wear as the essence of glorious, passionate individuality.

About In the Know

In the Know (ITK) are India's leading haute parfum curators, bringing you exquisite, concentrated and rare perfumes from luxury brands such as LM Parfums and The Different Company which treat scent-making as a rarefied art.

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