Flying Squirrel Coffee Set

By The Flying Squirrel

Rs. 1,530.00

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About the Product

The Combo includes 250g each of Clouds in My Coffee, Sattva and Aromatique.

- Clouds in My Coffee is created by sending some of our finest Arabic beans on a 2-3 month vacation to coastal Karnataka! The beans are stored in large shipping containers, partially exposed to humid and salty sea air where they are left to absorb moisture and develop a truly unique character.

- Aromatique is a mild sweetness reminiscent of fruit and berries with a touch of mellow caramel and an almost wine-like rounded acidity.

- Sattva has notes that range from banana to wild berry. These virgin beans have been untouched by chemicals, fertilizers or sprays.

About the Brand

At The Flying Squirrel, they literally do know where every bean of their coffee comes from. Almost all the coffee is micro-lot, ‘handcrafted’, and taken through some uniquely creative, natural processes to make it taste and smell exactly the way it does.

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