The Pomegranate collection

By Fuschia

Rs. 630.00
Rs. 900.00

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This Pomegranate collection contains a Pomegranate soap (100g), Pomegranate Pink lip balm and Pomegranate Pearls Face & Body Exfoliating scrub (100g). Pomegranate is a rich antioxidant and intensely nourishes your skin. Pomegranate helps regeneration of skin cells & delays fine signs of ageing making your skin feel younger.

About Fuschia

Fuschia is the skincare arm of healthcare pioneer VKare. Care is at the heart of the brand’s philosophy and the same focus on holistic well-being goes into designing premier, eco-friendly and natural beauty products. Be it exquisite fragrant handcrafted soaps or handmade nourishing lip balms in scrumptious flavours like Alphonso mango, Fuschia’s products are as delectable as they are derma-friendly. Enhance your beauty in a natural, wholesome, healthy way with Fuschia.

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