Gel French Extension

By Warren Tricomi

Rs. 3,434.00

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This service is available in Friends Colony West, New Delhi
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About Gel French Extension

With the advancement in the fashion industry, Gel Nails have become one of the most desired services. Get an extremely natural-looking enhancement with Warren Tricomi's Gel Extension Service. Be sure to be left with thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing and nonporous nails.


About Warren Tricomi

It is the go-to luxury salon for New York’s fashionable elite, a culmination of four decades of knowing and expressing style. Helmed by experts who are also cutting-edge innovators, Warren Tricomi Salons and Spas have elevated grooming to levels of perfection, styling each guest in his or her unique glory. Now in India in collaboration with Sanghvi Brands, Warren Tricomi Salons reflect their style philosophy in their ambience– each spa and salon is decorated differently and in fashion with the local ethos.



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