Grapefruit Neem foot scrub

By Vert

Rs. 650.00

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Give your feet a good working over with this lush green blend of sea salt, neem & walnut powder. Sea salt is a natural exfoliator which improves blood circulation, de-stresses your skin thereby making it radiant & relaxing. Neem powder with its antiseptic properties cures the skin from damage thus giving you soft & supple feel.

Key ingredients

Fresh lemon juice, Neem leaf powder, Walnut powder, Sea salt, Soya oil, fragrance.
How to use

Use a clean dry spatula to scoop product out. Apply the scrub on wet skin, massage in circular motion for 1-2 the sugar dissolves and exfoliates leaving skin soft and glowing. Do not use soap after using the scrubs, let the precious oils & herbs get into your skin. Rinse thoroughly with Luke warm water.

About V̩ert

V̩ert brings to you the innate healing powers of nature in most innovative packages. A sublime combination of traditional methods enriched with contemporary elements; this brands boasts of high quality ethical products awash with the bountiful goodness of natural ingredients. A treat to your senses, indulging in this eclectic collection is sure to relax your body and rejuvenate your soul. A fragrant blend of essential oils, nature-inspired elements and nutritious minerals, its magical touch will make your skin glow with vibrancy and youth.

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