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Shaving Essentials - Lemongrass Wheatgerm Oil Shaving Soap


Lemongrass Wheatgerm Oil Shaving Soap

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Love that delicious, citrusy, and sweetly stimulating fragrance of lemongrass? This shaving soap is sure to delight your senses, while givng you the closest and softest shave. Cooling Aloe Vera and Vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil reduces skin inflammation and calms it down, while the rich blend of olive and castor oil gently moiturizes the skin, making it supple and smooth to touch. Ingredients: Soap Base, Aloe Vera Gel, Wheatgerm oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Quinazarine Green,Lemongrass Fragrance oil/Essential oil How to Use: Massage the bar onto damp skin and shave as you normally would, then rinse off.

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