Orange Body massage oil

By Woods & Petals

Rs. 525.00

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Orange Body massage oil has a refreshing orange oil aroma that uplifts the mood and has antisceptic and antioxidants properties. This aromatic body massage oil effectively creates a feeling of warmth and calmness within yourself.

Massaging regularly with this oil, heals your skin from rashes , acne and blemishes, bringing a youthful glow. It is beneficial in curing joint and muscle pains and also helps in managing obesity and water retention problems of the body.


Orange oil, Almond oil, Mineral oil , Grapeseed oil,Vegetable oil, Olive oil and Wheatgerm oil

About the Brand

Woods and Petals bring to you traditional skin nourishing products from natures abundance- in easy to use bottled form. Their products are Vegan; they do not believe in cruelty to animals hence none of the products are tested on them. Also, they are making sincere efforts to save the environment, by avoiding chemically treated products.

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