Post Workout Neem Purifier

By SkinYoga

Rs. 925.00

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Ensure you never break-out after workout with this innovative body wash! Packed with purifying neem, this anti-bacterial cleanser keeps skin spot-free and leaves you smelling fresh even after the sweatiest exercise session.

How to use

Take small handfuls of the scrub and apply onto wet skin in shower. Scrub your entire body for 5-7 minutes. Follow with your routine shower.

About SkinYoga

SkinYoga was formed to create solutions for people who want to adopt to a natural lifestyle, which leads to peace and purity of mind, body and soul. The efforts are directed towards launching products inspired from ancient times to be adopted in our modern day lifestyle. At SkinYoga, the best ingredients are sourced and used to formulate products that are completely natural.

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