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About Shopping & Wardrobe̴Ì_

Guiding you throughout from your wardrobe assessment to your personal shopping, our Personal Shopper & Wardrobe Consultants illustrate and familiarize you with colours and styles that would enhance your body-type, we offer you to build a well-coordinated wardrobe that has a mix of all clothing and then we guide you how to hit the ‰ۡÌÝ?bull‰ۡó»s eye‰ۡó? of dressing sharp. It‰ۡó»s a 2 days session.̴Ì_


About I am Mr.̴Ì_

We strongly believe that Mr., is not just a title to our name, it indicates our social status and RESPECT. World addresses Gentlemen as Mr. and we at ‰ۡÌÝ?I am Mr.‰ۡó? try our best to see that every man justifies that. We provide you with an image consultation and style advisory that guides you to bring out the best in you and reach your full potential.


This service is subject to additional travel and accomodation charges for the personal shopping assistant.

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