Smart Lighting Starter Kit

By Aviconn Smart Home

Rs. 24,990.00

Aviconn brings to you the latest and greatest range of intelligent devices to simplify your life and smarten up your home. With this Smart Home Lighting Automation Starter Kit, you can experience the most amazing wireless smart Home technology from your Mobile phone or Tablet:

- Turn lights ON or OFF from your mobile. Who wants to get out of bed to turn the lights off?
- Your lights can be automatically turned ON and OFF when you are on vacation so to confuse thieves and prevent thefts!
- Turn On any heavy appliance (like, AC, Geyser, Microwave) from anywhere and whenever you want.
- You can create your own rules to automate any appliance - for example, turn ON your AC when you are nearing home, or automatically turn ON your geyser every morning!
- All this and much more – right from your mobile and from anywhere in the world!

These devices do not require any change or amendment to your home or electrical fittings. They just become part with your sweet home!

    About Aviconn

    Aviconn is built on the philosophy of, “A Vision to Connect”. Connectivity that is not just bringing enhanced lifestyle solutions but also to achieve meaningful change in the lives of many. Aviconn is not just as a service or product, it is about possibilities – Possibilities that can change the world. From an experience as small as automating your home devices to changing the way how agriculture is done or how healthcare is implemented – they are planning for the future that is more equitable, harmonious and happy.

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