Smart Home Solutions

By Inoho

Rs. 17,175.00

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No more waking up early to switch on the geyser or forgetting to switch off the bedroom light every morning. Control all your electric devices from anywhere, set timers & save energy like never before.

Smart Home Solutions

With Inoho, you can control your lights, fans, geysers, ACs from your smartphone; even when you are not at home. You can also set schedules and timers for any device. So no more getting up in the morning just to switch on the geyser, and no more fretting on if you left something switched on in your home. It's easy to install and remove, does not require rewiring, and physical switches work as they always have.

Why Inoho?

  • Fits into existing homes and requires no rewiring.
  • Syncs with physical switches with effortless ease.
  • Super easy 30 minute installation.
  • Start small and extend later.
  • Accessible from multiple devices, by multiple users, across multiple locations, simultaneously.
  • Features such as auto cut off help you save energy while adding convenience.

About Inoho

Inoho is a revolutionary startup based out of Bangalore that provides affordable solutions for home automation. They aim to be a leader in the IoT space in India in the coming years, and work towards specialized solutions that are easy to install and are cost effective.


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