The Coarsely Ground Combo 1

By The Flying Squirrel

Rs. 1,000.00

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About the Product

The Combo includes 250g each of coarsely ground Parama, Deep bliss & Sunkissed Coffee.

- Parama is a strong creamy mouthfeel with bubbles of dark chocolate and caramel. This freshly roasted-on-order coffee is Flying Squirrel's finest blend, designed by the world renowned Sunalini Menon.

- Deep Bliss is a deep, dark, roasty, intense blend, designed in the labs of the India Coffee Board.

- Sunkissed is a fruity, buttery, slightly sweet coffee made from a long-drawn process of drying the bean under the glorious Kodagu sun with the pulp on. It is a finely processed Robusta.

About the Brand

At The Flying Squirrel, they literally do know where every bean of their coffee comes from. Almost all the coffee is micro-lot, ‘handcrafted’, and taken through some uniquely creative, natural processes to make it taste and smell exactly the way it does.

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