The Infamous Goddess (3-Month Subscription Box)

By Freedom Makeup

Rs. 6,500.00
Rs. 7,700.00

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This 3 months Makeup Subscription Box from Freedom Makeup is for the month of August, September and October.

August Makeup Box contains:

Freedom Pressed Powder Shade 105 Warm (4gm) for the satin look, with PRO EYEBROW KIT LIGHT-MEDIUM (4gm),a complete kit for the brows to glisten and to sparkle up those eyes, Freedom Mono Eyeshadow Brights 224 (2gm) has an array of shades to choose from coupled with Freedom Pro Volume mascara black (7m) for thick, long lashes. Freedom Blush Professional Pro Blush 1 - Rare (3.2gm) on the cheekbones is pure indulgence. Get,set, like a pro!
The total value of this individual box is Rs 2495/-

September Makeup Box contains:

Freedom Pro Eye Primer (7.5ml) to get things going on, on the lids. Freedom Mono Eyeshadow Base 201 (2gm) clears the base on a neutral ground and Freedom Mono Eyeshadow Smoke 210 (2gm) is just the right shade for a dark, smoky look. Freedom Bronzed Professional Pro Shimmer Lights (15gm) and Freedom Pro Lipstick PRO NOW 120 (3.5gm) are complementary to the eyes and all you need is a blingy purse to begin the pub crawl.
The total value of this individual box is Rs 2600/-

October Makeup Box contains:

Freedom Mono Eyeshadow Gilded 216 (2gm) pr Freedom Mono Eyeshadow Nude 208 (2gm) , either of them are suitable for a lovely tete-a-tete with your beloved, highlighting the crevices of the lids. For the bolder look, Freedom Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows (12gm) has electrifying shades meant just for any crazy party. Complement it with Freedom Pro Highlight GLOW (7.5gm) and no-color lips and go hit the dance floor.
The total value of this individual box is Rs 2650/-

Total Subscription Price for this 3 Months Makeup Box is ₹6500.

About The Brand

A Professional Makeup Brand to challenge, inspire you and the MAKEUP WORLD. 
Now BE FREE TO MAKEUP with outstanding quality at affordable prices. Freedom Makeup offers a wide range of makeup products, including eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, primer and more!

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